Wafer Sorting

Wafer Sorting

Wafer Sorting by ID

The marked ID-Code is read by a camera system. After that process step the wafer is automatically placed according the wafer ID in the cassette. There are following sorting modes:

  • Ascending/descending order
  • Split of wafers
  • Merge of wafers
  • Randomization of wafers
  • Individual sorting by host control

Wafer Sorting by Weight

The weight of a wafer is measured by a precise scale (+/-0,0001 gramms). This help customers to adjust following processes such as etching correctly.

The wafers will be sorted according to their weight either ascending, descending or randomized.

Wafer Sorting by Thickness

The thickness of a wafer is measured by high precise thickness measurement sensors to adjust following process steps corretly. Furthermore this feature can be used to check if the right material is in a certain cassette.

The wafers can be autmatically sorted by their thickness ascending, descending or randomized.

Transfer of Wafers and Cooperation with Inspection Tools

The wafers can be transferred quickly from one cassette (e.g. transport cassette) to another cassette (e.g. process cassette) without reading or alignment. Furthermore most of the InnoLas sorting systems are suitable to use them as fully automatic loading & unloading system for inspection tools (EFEM).

  • Application:          Transfer and individual sorting by wafer ID, thickness or weight
  • Processes:          Sorting, transferring, EFEM in cooperation
  • Materials:             2” to 450mm semiconductor-, compound- and LED-Wafer
  • Wafer thickness: 150µm – 1500µm