Wafer Marking

Wafer Marking

The InnoLas wafer marking systems have been developed to mark an individual code on each wafer. This guarantees a traceability in the entire process chain.

For the individual needs of each customer we are using different optical setups to achieve the ideal process quality on every semiconductor material. Our InnoLas Nanio laser which is exclusively developed for wafer marking helps a lot to avoid a negative influence on following process steps.

All our wafer marking machines offer a large variety of different marking fonts such as SEMI OCR, SEMI T7 Data Matrix, SEMI Barcode 412 and „Engraved Mode“ which can be easily adjusted in the recipe. The excellent readability with reading systems such as Cognex is another big advantage of our continuously improved marking processes.

  • Application:        Individual ID marking on semiconductor wafer
  • Standards:        SEMI T5-0706 / SEMI M12-0706 / SEMI M13-0706 / SEMI T7-0303
  • Processes:       Deepmarking & debris free marking
  • Materials:          2” to 450mm semiconductor-, compound- and LED-Wafer
  • Surfaces:          Polished, lapped, ground, as-cut, etched, EPI and all other
  • Readability:       Excellent by human eye and camera system


  • Debris free
  • Depth: 0,5 – 5 µm
  • Diameter: 30 – 70 µm
  • Used for polished wafers


  • Local vaporization of the material
  • Depth: 5 – 150 µm
  • Diameter: 25 – 110 µm
  • Used for unpolished wafers


  • Marking through a dicing tape directly on the wafer
  • Softmarking & deepmarking possible
  • Used for wafers which a laminated on a dicing tape


  • Indiviual marking on each die/chip
  • Extreme fast marking time
  • Very high position accuracy