History & Team


InnoLas GmbH was founded on 01.01.1995 by Andreas Behr and others as a service company for laser products and systems. Soon after the foundation InnoLas started parallel with the development of customized laser heads and laser systems, such as wafer marking systems. Already in 1996 the first IL2000 wafer marking system was sold and delivered.

Due to the ever growing InnoLas GmbH, in 2008 the company was split into a parent holding company, as well as three sister companies. The three companies now have their respective focus specifically on semiconductors, lasers and micro material processing.

After various building expansions at the Krailling site in the following years, a completely new and modern company building was constructed in Inning am Ammersee in 2018. Here, in addition to the 400m² production in clean room, the development, construction, service and sales are located on a total area of 2,400m². Due to short distances and more efficient processes, the turnover could be increased significantly again.

Meanwhile, numerous “global players” in the semiconductor industry rely on wafer marking and wafer marking systems from Innolas Semiconductor GmbH.

  • Foundation in 1995
  • Owner managed GmbH
  • In 2008 three different sectors were devided in three seperate sister companies
  • In 2018 a new and modern 2.400m² large building was built in Inning am Ammersee 
  • Many popular wafer- and chip manufacturers use InnoLas machines

Management & Team

Andreas Behr
CEO & Founder

Founded Innolas in 1995

CEO of InnoLas since 1995

InnoLas Team