Company Profile

High Quality Wafer Marking & Sorting Systems for the Semiconductor Industry

InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH is a German based company specializing in high quality wafer marking and sorting solutions for customers in the semiconductor industry. For more than 25 years, our core business has been to develop and manufacture customized solutions.

For all machines in our portfolio we put highest emphasis on the selection of subcomponents, which are among the highest quality on the market. Assembly and commissioning are carried out exclusively by highly experienced and well-trained specialists, so that a very high level of quality and reliability is achieved. In order to meet even the highest cleanliness requirements of the end customers, all systems are produced and commissioned in our own ISO6 (ISO 14644-1) clean room.

The goal is to supply our customers and partners with reliable and highest quality systems, which also have an excellent price-performance ratio. The high rate of long-term regular customers confirms our quality claim.

More Than 25 years successful in Wafer Marking & Sorting!

InnoLas provides individual solutions suitable for each customer


All machines are assembled in our own cleanroom


Our Main Focus: Quality and Reliability